Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Bio- Uganda Trip 2012

I am so excited.

I can hardly believe that...



Here is my 'bio' that I sent for my team to get to know me better.

My name is Robin Maiocca. I am a 34 year old stay-at-home momma to 3 beautiful little children: Hannah 7, Christopher 5 and Phoebe 2. I have many passions in life but the most important to me are the following: My relationship with Jesus. I simply love Jesus. I see Jesus in everything. I love the WORD of God. I love to worship Him in song (even though I can’t sing). Jesus saved me from a life of despair, emptiness and chasing all the things of this world and He alone is my Rock and my Salvation. I do not fear man. I only have the fear of the Lord and with that; I know I can move mountains. My second passion in life is orphans. I simply love the children. Jesus has blessed me with a love I can not explain for these beautiful faces. I started a small fundraising-ministry called “Bread FOR Life” where I bake and sell pumpkin and lemon bread. It’s so simple. 100% of all money raised goes directly to the needs of orphans and right now we have raised $5,800 since December 11, 2011 and I have donated it all to the Sanyu Babies Home in Uganda. For my friends and church family here in Petaluma, CA this ministry has literally changed lives and brought an awareness to our community of the orphan crisis and I am ecstatic to say, it’s just the beginning. My third most important passion in life is healthy, natural living. I believe that the Lord has blessed us with everything we need to maintain healthy strong bodies by being completely aware of the things we inject and ingest. I prayed for wisdom in bringing up my children natural and healthy and I am pleased to say, with 3 little children we have not been to the doctor in almost 2 years because of the power of prayer. I praise God for the things I have learned and been reveled. This world says to do it one way, I say, do it God’s way!

I am so excited about this upcoming trip to Uganda. I know the Lord is powerfully at work in my heart and the hearts of others on this trip. It will be a crossroad and a breaking point for me and I couldn’t be more ready to be completely broke for the sake of LORD!

1) What will the average day look like as far as what we will be doing? What areas /villages will be traveling?

2) Is there anything we can pack and bring for the children? If so, like what? Toys, clothes, Bibles, blankets, etc?

3) Can we visit Amazima and meet Katie Davis and see her ministry?


"Summon your power, God;
show us your strength, our God, as you have done before."
Psalm 68:28


  1. Hi-ho,'s off to Uganda we go...

  2. Wonderful news happy for you!! What an adventure awaits you!

  3. So, so excited for you, Robin! And let us know when you get answers to those we can help you shower those little ones.

  4. Hello! So, ok, you don't know me at ALL, BUT my husband and i just arrived back from Sanyu - we were there 3/12/12-3/16/12 (this was our second trip!) I am so happy to have found your blog!!

    ~christy puckett

  5. Hello, Just came upon your blog...when are you leaving? We are going the first two weeks of June..YIPEE..Praise GOD!! now wouldn't this be crazy if we were going the same time...;-)