Friday, May 23, 2014

Uganda Bound... 37 Days!

It’s impossible to express to you how excited I am to get my feet back on that Uganda soil that rocked my world 2 years ago! My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation because I know, once again, the Lord has a plan for every-single-one-of-us on this trip. I'm ready to have my life flipped upside-down and inside-out again all for His glorious Kingdom when it comes to HIS precious children!
We have an awesome team of 16 orphan-loving-people on this trip. We will be leaving at the end of June and will be in Uganda for 2 weeks. What are we doing? We will be traveling to baby homes to hold and feed the innocent infants. Going to several different orphanages to do projects and VBS's with the young children. We will be doing a feeding program for boys in the slum. We will be ministering to the women of violent crimes, providing counseling services for pregnant and displaced women. We will be providing medical care for sick and injured babies, children, men and women in several different villages. The list goes on and on.... Our trip is PACKED!
With all that being said, as you know, all these things cost money! Would you gather with me in prayer as I am seeking funds and donations to help with all these projects! Did you know that it cost less than a dollar a day to feed an orphan? There will be certain days and nights where we hope to feed anywhere from 300-500 children in one location. I am trusting the Lord for every dollar needed to make sure all these projects can be fulfilled and every mouth can be fed.
For me, the MOST important part of traveling to Uganda is to hold a precious child and tell them that they are loved. Tell them that Jesus loves them. Sing over them and pray with them. Tell them that He cares for them. That he died for them so that they may live. Many times this message is hard to receive when their belly's are empty and starving. Not only is my heart to feed them the Truth about Jesus but to also provide a warm meal for them, even if it's the only meal they will eat that week.
Would you gather with me in prayer as we seek to fulfill all necessary financial needs for this trip? If you would feel led to contribute and donate, your tax-deductible gift through Bread For Life Ministries will help share the gospel of Truth and fill the empty bellies of the most beautiful children on planet earth.
37 days my friends to raise as much money as possible. Are you with me? Will you join me in this?
There are no limits to what your support can accomplish! Together we can change the life of one child, over and over and over again!
Thank you isn't even enough, but THANK YOU in advance. Your support means the world to me!

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