Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bread FOR Life

"In you the orphan finds mercy." Hosea 14:3

I don’t really know what I’m doing except I’m just going to do it.

I’m going to start fundraising by baking my pumpkin bread to raise money for orphans
and abandoned children.

This Sunday I’m going to have a table where I will be selling my bread at church.
I thought of maybe asking a ‘suggested minimum donation of $8.00 per loaf' and ALL proceeds will go directly to the needs of orphans.

I figure if I can raise ANY money whatsoever that will help someone somewhere, it’s all worth it!

I feel like I can’t just “sit and do nothing” anymore. Even though I pray daily and I’m starting to fast (yes, you read that right. Oh my goodness, the Lord is teaching me so much) … I NEED TO DO SOMETHING.

Since we are desperately waiting on the Lord for what He wants for our lives, I think this will bring some satisfaction to my heart and please the Lord at the same time. Not to mention, it will hopefully provide some money to help FEED, CLOTH and EDUCATE these precious little lives that are out there everywhere.

I figure I’m going to start locally and work abroad. I’m not sure what organization I will donate to here in Sonoma County but I know they are out there.

I have two orphanages in Uganda that I would love to bless with these funds too.

Well, that’s it, in a nut shell.

Hopefully this is the beginning of something that will make a difference in someone’s life; even if it is just a small difference.

Thankfully I bake good pumpkin bread. (That’s what everyone says)  Lord knows I can’t sew. I’m not creative. I glue my fingers together if I try to do crafts. So this is all I can offer at this point. Just like Jesus multiplied the loaves of bread, my hope is He will do the same for these loaves.

Please pray for my little fundraising ministry if you think of it. I believe the Lord has given me a name for it too which is pretty cool… “Bread FOR Life” Do you like it?

I do.

That’s exactly what it is… Yummy, All Natural, Homemade Pumpkin Bread to help the less fortunate. Sounds good to me!

We shall see…

Excited and Blessed!

Here are a few facts that I copied from 147 Million Orphans website. Simply heartbreaking! This is what makes me crazy to the point of having to do something…

  • Did you know there are hundreds of millions of  children worldwide who have lost one or both parents.
  • Every 14 seconds an AIDS death leaves another child orphaned.
  • Approximately 88 million orphans live in Asia.
  • Approximately 45 million orphans live in Africa.
  • Approximately 14 million orphans live in Latin America & the Caribbean.
  • Approximately 1 million children live in public care in Central & Eastern Europe
  • More than 800,000 children pass through America’s foster care system each year.
These statistics do not even include the UNKNOWN children living orphaned both here and abroad that go uncounted, unnoticed and unloved.

 Oh Lord, take this offering and multiply it for Your Glory, Your Kingdom and Your children.

"If you abide in me, and my words abide in you,
ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you."
John 15:7

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  1. Yes Robin, I will pray with you, that God takes what little we have to offer and multiplies it exponentially... xo