Friday, February 17, 2012

Prayer for the Future Post

I feel the Lord prompting my heart to share something with you
sometime in the future that has been stirring in me for several weeks.

This is very frightening for me.

Since I have started this blog, I've made a commitment with the Lord
that I will never blog unless I sense a strong prompting from the
Holy Spirit.

How do I determine the difference? It's actually easy.

When it's from me:
 I sit and type and erase...
I rewrite, rephrase, ponder and erase....
I sit and pick my nails, clean the dust off the computer screen,
type and erase....
That is how I know it is from me.

How I know it's from the Lord?
I sit and start typing and don’t stop.
(Except to try correct my horrifying spelling and my appalling grammar.)
[Little do you know my sweet teacher-of-a-husband "proofs” most all my blog post and sometimes he says, "It's awesome but you should be arrested for your grammar”] *Love him!

If I could ask, would you please pray for this future post?
That it be from the Lord and NOT anything from my selfish, sinful heart.
(I was already accused of being self-righteous, judgmental and pushy
over my "controversial" blog post titled The Dark Side of the Super Bowl.
I will have to leave that it in hands of the Lord.
There was a reason I asked if ya'll would still be my friends! *sigh*)

This is what happened several weeks ago:
My heart was turned up-side-down one night and I have not been the same since. 
A few weeks ago I was fishing around on YouTube listening to sermons
and excerpts from various pastors.

I came across this particular video from Francis Chan
and ever since then, my heart has been burning.

Seriously. On Fire.

But I have to say…
This is why it is scary for me to blog about what the Lord is doing in my heart.  
Because I don’t want to be perceived as self-righteous.

That is so ugly.

It really is intimidating to me.
Seriously, 'blogging'  is not in my comfort-zone
but I do believe that the Lord will use me and my brokenness somehow.

Here it is:

I want Jesus!

He’s all I want.

I want Him in every thought.

Every word.

Every action.

In everything.

I am sooo far from that

That is why I want to talk about this video.

Because I want Jesus and I am so caught up in the lies of this world,
so that daily I compromise.

Well, guess what?

I’m sick of myself.

I really do want Jesus with everything inside me.

This video has challenged me and has brought me to my knees.
 (And if you're a Christian, and you do not want to be “challenged”,
then we all need to be praying for you.)

This is HUGE to me.
We get one chance at this life and THAT’S IT!

That’s IT!!!

I need a reminder like this.
I need a reality check in my life.

My heart is burning more and more for the things of the Lord
and this is why...


(Sorry for the layout malfunctions of my blog.
I've got my sweet Alexis girl trying to figure out what I did wrong. Please bear with me!)

Love you all!

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith;
be men (and women) of courage; be strong."
1 Corinthians 16:13  

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  1. Robin,
    First of all I am sorry you had people come down hard on you for your post about the super was not really about just the super bowl, though, was it. It was about the horrors that evil people inflict on the innocent. Second, I just finished reading Kisses For Katie. Wow. She is a living example of what you are talking about Robin. I am going to rearead the book now that I have finished it. It is so powerful. Bless your heart as you share what God is convicting you of. He has a plan for your life, and that of your family. We are often surprised by it.