Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Test Batch RESULTS - MBM

** MBM Readers... this is really a continuance from the post yesterday!
Sorry to post twice, I just have to share.
I am overwhelmed with joy at His faithfulness!

Oh. My. Word.

Where do I begin.

Last night was the big night. My sweet Hannah and I headed over to Biscotii Bari to run our first “test batch”. It was the first time experimenting with a recipe that would more than quadruple the amount of loaves than my original recipe. Normally when you run a “test batch” it does not come out perfect and you have to dump it and start over. (Oh my heart was grieved just thinking about dumping all this ‘food’ when my purpose is to be raising money to buy food. It just did not sit well with me.) My amazing friend (you’re a God-sent Stacey!) helped me figure out all the measurements and turn my ingredients from cups to pounds. What a learning curve. Hannah and I had to weigh out 12lbs of flour, crack 40 eggs and dump a lot of pumpkin into this HUGE blender that sounded like a jet flying overhead.

 Exciting stuff to these non-bakery girls!

Not sure how anything was going to turn out, we prayed and laughed all night.
There was something so *FUN* about doing what we were doing.
Even knowing it may not turn out, we still were filled with joy and anticipation.

Well, after mixing everything together… it looked normal.
It tasted normal.
It smelled normal.
The consistency was normal.

So, we went ahead and filled over 40(!) bread molds and got them ready for the oven!

As I wheeled the cart into the WALK IN OVEN (*giggling*) we prayed again.

After 43 minutes of baking we pulled out the loaves...
Perfect color.
Perfect size.
Perfect height
and yes, they smelled PERFECTLY yummy!

All I could think was,
“Oh my goodness… HOW DO THEY TASTE???”

We all know that once you bake bread, it’s best to let it cool and the favor settle.
Oh that was SO HARD!

Making a long story short (or maybe not) I brought two loaves home so we could taste them after they cooled. You have to understand something; we have been eating this pumpkin bread for years so it’s very hard for me and my family to really be able to tell if it’s really good or just OK.
The real test would come when other people would try it.

Well, after several people had the privilege of being our ginny pigs,
the roomer on the streets is… 


This morning a man from next door to the bakery sampled some
and came walking into the bakery with his hands out and said,
“Who made that bread?
I hate pumpkin.
I hate pumpkin everything,


(Literally! I think he thought I was a nutty-bread woman)

Not only did he love the bread and say he would eat it year-round,
he took 2 loaves and is serving them as samples at his board meeting
in the morning with all of the “Bread FOR Life” information displayed!
(Sanyu Babies Home; Bible verses and orphan statistics)

Are you kidding me??

My friend who is a professional baker said it was AMAZING
and walked around sharing it with all her co-workers and business neighbors. Ha!

I am simply speechless.

For a “test batch” not only to turn out, but be some of the best bread I have ever baked
can only happen because of one reason… God’s hand is all over this!
This is GOD’S BREAD!

So my short-story made long, after I finished shrink-wrapping all the loaves of bread
(BTY the shrink-wrapping machine is my new best friend)
I have brought this “test batch” turned “Perfect Batch” home and now
I’m giving them all away!

That’s right!
I’m going to give them to people in this community as a blessing and share with them my heart for the orphan and see if they want to jump on board. I think the more people can see God’s hand in this, the more they will be willing to contribute. And that’s what we want; unity in the body so we can come together and fight this war for these precious innocent babies and children that were given no chance for a future. I mean, technically all this bread should have been dumped. However, God does not have time to waist. He is not in the business of “testing”… time is limited and time is precious!

This, to me, is worth sharing!

I hope and pray you are encouraged through this testimony.
I give all praise and glory to Jesus.
None of this has anything to do with me.
I am a selfish, self-centered person.
Daily I am seeking the Lord to break my heart for the things that break His.
When I pray this prayer, I start to see things a little different.
I am beside myself with this fundraiser and that the Lord would use
a little ol’pumpkin bread recipe to raise THOUSANDS of dollars for His kingdom.

Totally speechless.


But Jesus looked at them and said, 
“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26


  1. Saying Hello from the MBM link off Linny's blog. Just love your story and your heart for the orphan and your fundraising idea. Your bread sounds so yummy! May He continue to bless you as you seek to bless others in this endeavor.

  2. I am a selfish and self-centered person too, and I love reading about how He is changing your heart and seeing His blessings :) :)

  3. Wow i am so happy for you, i can totally feel the excitement...:)
    May He continue to work His miracles through you!